planning diagramI have an extensive range of accounting experience from mom and pop shops to multi-national companies, and everything in between. I have expertise in the following areas:


From hometown book stores, to larger retailers with numerous locations, I know the in’s and out’s of small business retail.


Clients in this sector have included several international importers, with gross sales of over 10 million annually. From taxes, to auditing, to consulting, I provide a full range of services to wholesale distribution companies.

Restaurant & Hospitality

I have provided a broad range of services to many successful restaurants in the Saratoga region as well as high end restaurants in New York City. I take an analytical approach to restaurant finances, and can provide guidance for growth and success.

Not for Profit

I have performed tax and audit services for many state and national trade associations, Rotary clubs, chambers of commerce, historical societies, YMCAs, cemeteries, and many other local non-profit organizations. I have worked extensively with IRS Group Exemptions, and solving issues pertaining to Group Exemptions. I have expertise in the filing requirements and audit standards for non-profit organizations.

Contracting & Construction

Clients in this sector have included residential builders, heavy highway contractors, telecommunications contractors, and commercial contractors. I can provide guidance on many of this industry’s more complex issues, including percentage of completion method calculations, bonding, financing, union labor issues, and alternative minimum tax calculations. I have also provided services to many small contractors as well, providing guidance on payroll taxes, sales taxes, and workers compensation issues.

Professional Practices

Being a professional practice myself, I intimately understand how private practices operate. I have represented medical offices, law offices, architecture firms, insurance agents, and other small professional practices. I have expertise in partnership issues, and entity structuring to minimize tax burden.

Service Companies

Graphic designers, photographers, landscapers, yoga instructors, interior designers, cleaners. They embody the entrepreneurial spirit. I can help you get started on your road to success.


I have seen clients start in their garage and end up on wall street. From start-up to growth to million dollar investors, I can provide guidance on complex issues such as entity structure, partnership issues, and seed capital.